A downloadable game for Windows

Theme is primarily the 80's, secondarily: Desperately Seeking Highspeed Skater,
This game is thus an interpretation of the highspeed skating mechanics where bumping into your opponent with higher velocity will hit for 1 health, aditionally the 80's still had the threat of the cold war so you can get nukes! And everything is kept in a retro style with tron-like graphical style to honour early day video games such as Astroids, Pong, Commander Keen with more!

 You will need 2 controllers to play this game.

(There can be an issue with two non similar controllers, try unplugging or swapping usb ports til it works).

Install instructions

Install game by doubble clicking the setup file, follow the instructions on screen


Rocket Bumper Nukazooka Setup.exe 17 MB


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The Issue with the controllers can  be worked around by only having 1 controller plugged in by the time of launching the game, once the game menu is loaded you can plug in the other controller.

We hope you enjoy the game.